Historical UV Index Data for Miami, FL

Historical UV Index Data for Miami, FL

Up-to-date through December 2022

This web page contains historical UV index data for Miami, FL. The UV index data is for the years between 1994 and 2022. We provide you with the monthly average UV index and the daily average UV index for the selected year. You can also scroll to the bottom of this web page to view notable UV index data stats for Miami, FL over the last 28 years.

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Average Monthly UV Index - Miami, FL

Average Daily UV Index - Miami, FL

Over the last 28 years, the month with the highest UV index average was June, with an average UV index of 12.5. The highest recorded UV index for Miami, FL was 13.41 on June 6, 2016. The year with the most months reaching extreme UV index levels was 2022 with 7 months (March, April, May, June, July, August, September).